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Debt Negotiation or Settlement

Sometimes you just need a little extra leverage to get a creditor to work with you regarding your debts. You may be able to secure better interest rates, get more favorable repayment terms, or even get some amount of debt forgiven. That is where Schmeltzer Law comes in. Our attorneys are often able to negotiate on your behalf, and convince creditors to accept an offer to resolve issues with repayment of debts.

This option may work well for people with a limited number of debts, and who have the income or resources to commit to some form of lump-sum repayment. It may be possible to negotiate for a longer term, or to get a missed payment moved to the end of a loan term to avoid ongoing negative impacts on your credit score.

Being able to negotiate for better terms or for debt forgiveness can help avoid negative reporting to the credit bureaus, and may be an option for some individuals or companies that want to avoid bankruptcy. Schedule a free 20-minute consultation with one of our experts to see what option is right for you.

Schmeltzer Law, your Bankruptcy attorney in Traverse City and Northern Michigan!

Schmeltzer Law is based in Traverse City, Michigan, and practices throughout the state of Michigan.

We are a debt-relief agency under Federal Law, and we provide assistance for individuals, families, and businesses by helping them file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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