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What can I expect when I meet with a Divorce Attorney for the first time?

If you have never met with an attorney before, your initial meeting to discuss divorce (whether to file or if your spouse has already filed) can be daunting, nerve-wracking, confusing ... you name it.  It is important to keep [...]

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How much will this cost me?

At the outset of any divorce case comes the big “how much will this cost me?” question. It is a completely fair question, and one I would ask myself.  It’s the same reason we look for a price sticker [...]

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Does gender play a role in child custody battles?

Does a mother have a better chance at winning a custody battle, or does a father? Do the children’s ages matter? Or the children’s gender? Pursuant to Michigan Compiled Laws (MCL) 722.23, a court will consider the sum total [...]

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